Friday, March 26, 2010


She moves over me,
Teasing my senses.
I reach for her
She eludes my grasp.
Whispers in my ears,
Her hypnotic lullaby.
I drift off to sleep…

She steals closer
Gives me her lover’s kiss
Drinks my blood
Roused me from languor
My fight is pointless
The deed is done
The die is cast…

One last thought
Before darkness descended-

Will I contract malaria?


Lucy In The Sky said...


Ka chhiar tui ve tehlul nen. A khawih "bam" veK!

mesjay said...

Hahaha! So good, so good.

ku2 said...

@Lucy: He thosi hian min chhaih buai nasat zia.. I have never written poetry before, ril deuh ka phuah ve thiamlo a, so I tried my hand at something 'ho' first :D

@Mesjay: Thank you, thank you!

Sang Sangi said...

beautifully expressed.


ku2 said...

Thanks Sang Sangi, and keep the fashions coming :)

Eveline said...

I know it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it! :D

Oh God, I just snorted breakfast all over my desk.

I demand that you come to my house with some Handi-Wipes right now. :D

ku2 said...

lol Eveline, clean up your own mess!!
If Im gonna come over to your house, be warned that I eat everything in sight :D

Lucy In The Sky said...

No updates...wwwwwhyyy??? :( :( :(

weemoyee said...
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ku2 said...

oooppppssss Lucy... he2...used my sister's account... its my bday, have been busy, hehe

Lucy In The Sky said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear kuku. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!

Yeah I know it's a day late :D

ku2 said...

Thanksss Lucy :D
See, I updated specially for you, though as you can see, am not my bouncy self :((