Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be afraid :p

Had a hard time going to sleep last night even though I had taken some medication for my pounding headache. This was because I had read some horror novel, and all my old scary thoughts came creeping in.

Slept with the lights on and decided to listen to music to distract myself. But I was scared that 'something' may sneak up on me and I won't be able to hear it because of the music, so I turned it off again. Drifted in and out of sleep, and then I made the stupid mistake of glancing at my clock. It was nearing 3:OO am- the witching hour! The time (supposedly) when the portals between Hell and earth opened and spirits can roam the earth. Needless to say, I was jolted out of sleep in a hurry.

Now I'm groggy and bleary and my mom has refused to let me sleep during day time and I feel absolutely miserable. And misery loves company, so I'm sharing my scary thoughts in the hope that someone may read it and would have to spend a sleepless night with the lights on (cackle) :

1. Waking up at night and some woman with shaggy hair peers at you through your bed curtains. (Because of this fear, I refused to have bed curtains for two years)

2. Waking up at night and that same shaggy haired woman has her face up cloooose to yours. (This is even worse. At least the bed curtains offer a little defense. So I've started putting them up again recently)

3. Waking up (again!) and there's a child sitting on the floor beside your bed, giggling madly. (It's worse if the child is a little girl with shaggy, unkempt hair)

4. Walking on a deserted road at night and turning suddenly to see an old woman with unkempt hair just standing behind you, staring at you intently. (This actually happened to me, and I screamed loudly at the poor dear's face. No, she wasn't a ramhuai, just someone's granny *eeps*)

5. Looking at myself in the mirror and my mirror image suddenly reaches out a hand and pulls my hair (I absolutely refuse to look at the mirror after midnight)

6. Latching my window close at night and a pale, child's hand suddenly grasps hold of it (Yes, 'Wuthering Heights'. I love the novel but I only read it when someone sleeps with me)

Knowing how much of a coward I am, I do not watch horror movies anymore. But the one's that I have watched (the ones where they crawl backwards on ladders, exorcisms, scary clowns et al) have really done a number on me. Anyway, they don't sound too scary when said out loud, but when your'e alone at night and there's a power cut and you can't sleep, and you really need to use the bathroom... And I can't go sleep in my sister's room because she would never respect my authority again as the older sister. So this is the only way I can vent- hoping that someone else will think about them too :D

P.S: Wonder why so many of my fears have something to do with hair. Maybe it's time for a new haircut and conditioner.


Lucy In The Sky said...

I refuse to watch horror movies too. Usually gives me nightmare. I used to pretend, when I climb steps or ladder at night and I'm alone, that a ghost is right on my tail trying to grab my leg as I take each step and I'd run like hell. It was silly but it became a habit :)

ku2 said...

me toooo!!! The same thing happens to me!! My room is downstairs and when there's a power cut I run upstairs and I feel like someone's just behind me. I have often banged my knees and fell on the stairs because of this. Heheh, will you sleep with the lights on tonight?

Anonymous said...

As kids, we once watched a horror which has haunted me to this day, but not scary much anymore. It was called Reanimator (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089885/), its comedy now, but seeing a bodyless head flapping it bat-wing ears and chasing you scared 10-yr old me shitless.
Here's one of my scary thoughts:
- You hear a sound outside your door in the still of the night. Scared, you hide under the covers hoping it goes away. After all is quiet, you slowly slide the cover down from your head to stare right into the face of..... use your imagination!

Lucy In The Sky said...

I can't sleep with the lights on Ku2, otherwise I'd be up till 3 and you know what happens at 3!!

ku2 said...

Okay, Im not coming back to this post because i scare myself everytime... why do i do this to myself :((

Mimihrahsel said...

no 2.. ka nui triah2. hahaha

ku2 said...

mims, you're supposed to be afraid, nuih tur ani lo :P