Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Long Distance Relationship and Me

It's official. From tomorrow, I'm going to be one half of a long distance relationship. I'm already missing him. Listening to Snow Patrol's "Run", Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" and other distance-y songs. I don't know how other people in LDRs cope but I'm already coping badly.

Of course, it helps that it's going to be for only two nights, and the place he's going to is only three hours ride from here, but still!!

Okay, okay, I know I'm over-reacting a teeny bit, but I really hate that we're not going to be in the same town, even for just a couple of nights. I'm really starting to admire people who are able to successfully maintain a LDR. It would really drive me nuts if I am in an actual one. Big thumbs-up to all you successful LDR's out there.

Now on to my favourite subject- ME!

# I firmly believe that it's better to be single than to be in a meaningless relationship. So, I have never been in a relationship that's lasted for more than a month. Now, though, my guy and I are in our sixth year, so when I fell, I fell HARD. In fact...

# In fact, when I realised that I was serious about him, I became obsessed with standing out from the girls he's dated, and the girls he would date if we didn't work out (Touchwood!). So I went overboard as usual and one of the first gifts I gave him was a corpse of a baby snake some friends had killed when we went trekking. I was lucky that he was also similarly obsessed with me, so he didn't freak out- much. My logic (if it could be called that) was that I preferred him to think I was weird rather than that he'd think I was like every other girl.

# I consider myself lucky that I'm not scared of lizards, spiders, rats, snakes and other creep-crawlies, but if I happen to see even one of those tiny worms living inside veggies, I can cry for hours.

# I don't know how its like to see the world through two eyes. When I was barely a year old, I had some severe illness which made me completely cock-eyed. My left eye would constantly stare at my right eye to see what it was up to. That condition's gone, but I have a lazy left eye that's almost completely blind. So I see the world through one eye, while the left eye is there for decorative purposes.

# My milk teeth were small and dainty, and when they fell out, they were replaced with these big teeth clamouring for space inside my mouth. Some protruded, some grew sideways, and some grew inwards. I used to be really self-conscious, but I refused to have braces. Now that I've crossed 25, I decided that life's too short to use crooked teeth as an excuse not to laugh out loud. So I laugh and smile, not caring (too much) that my front tooth is on sideways :D

#Speaking of teeth, all the Barbies I had when I was a kid had badly mangled feet because I chewed and gnawed on them constantly. I think I chewed my Barbies more than I played with them.

# There is a glitch in my brain that renders me unable to whistle, tell where is north, east, west or south, confuse my left and right, and be unable to tie shoelaces tightly.

#That same glitch caused me untold grief when I first learnt how to write. I could not write the letters 'D' and 'S' without going all the way round my desk. My dad would hold my butt, and with tears pouring down my face, I would struggle to write these two letters without moving from where I was.

#I am a total wuss when it comes to confrontations.

#I am actually very shy (surprise, surprise), and when I meet someone for the first time, I either talk too much, or I talk too less. So people's first impression of me is either "a pushy flirt" or "a snob" :(

But I am actually a nice person, kooky and weird-yes, but nice. And I talk too much. So bye now


Lucy In The Sky said...

Lol..nice to know all those weird things about you :D

And I'm in a loooooooooong distance relationship. It's not easy. But we try to chat as much as possible, knowing what distance can do to relationships. Don't feel so bad.

ku2 said...

Heyy, quick response!! Thanks for being such a regular visitor here on my weird blog :)

I've heard it said that time and distance are the greatest tests of a relationship, and it seems like you and your man are really being put to the test. My best to both of you :)

And I don't feel so bad now, knowing that it could be worse :p

Blind Dayze said...

"To be yourself is all that you can do" ~ Audioslave

Try coping with LDR using LSD... i highly recommend it ... i say this from experience

Teeth growing sideways? same here. my parents didnt really bother when mine grew sideways .. probably we couldnt afford braces then.. :~)

....just kidding about the LSD.

azassk said...

engpawh nise LDR hi chu buaithlak na chin chu awm thin asin!:) i blog ka vawi1 visit na. Ka lawm e.

ku2 said...

@ Blind Dayze: "Purple haze all in my brain"- Jimi Hendrix :)Mp3 works better than LSD.

@azassk: I lawm a, ka lawm e :)