Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Into the night.

Do you find yourself dreading these moments of darkness when those doubts start crawling into your head? When you can't control your thoughts and he finds his way into them once again?
During the day your head is clear. You know that your time together has passed and there is no going back. You go to work, you meet your friends, you talk, you laugh, you go for aimless rides under the sun, you try out a new eatery. Your life is not as empty as you thought it would be without him and the fact no longer surprises you.

But at night, old ghosts come out and they play wildly inside your head. And that's okay. There always will be unfinished business and unspoken recriminations. Maybe you've suppressed your pain, your sense of loss and the inevitable rage that comes with this. And sometimes you might 'pedestalise' him and what you had, and that could lead to bitter regret.  It's okay girl. You're doing fine.

You've let him go, physically and emotionally. But its natural that his ghost would still linger in your subconscious mind. And people may say that means something, and they would be right. Everyone we meet, those that we've loved or hated, plus the books we've read, the music we listen to, the experiences that we've had, they've all helped to shape you into who you are now and so they linger. As he does. Sometimes.

So it's okay. Let him have the occasional moments at night. You can't exorcise those ghosts by sprinkling them with holy water and shouting, "The power of Christ compels you!" Or maybe you can. Either way, you have your whole life ahead of you, both the days and the nights. And a time will come when you no longer fear those ghosts because you know they cannot hurt you anymore.

Have a good sleep.

And music, always.
Slipknot- Vermilion 2. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thank you

For staying up with me because you feared I would go into the dark.
For slaying my demons time and time again.
For persisting despite my resistance.
For letting me walk at my own pace.

I have a colleague whose mind has bent because of something similar to what I'm going through and I sometimes think, "There but for the grace of God go I". I thank God for you and your limitless patience and your generosity.

Thank you-
For banishing the voices.
For not letting me hate.
For making me hope.
For today and for tomorrow.

I thought my security lay elsewhere but its you who's always been there, been constant despite the lack of guarantees, hopes and promises.
You've seen me love and lost; seen me a deranged woman, driven by anguish and envy; you've tasted my darkest psychosis and turned them into irrelevancies and somehow, I find myself laughing again. And with you I am free. With you, I am beautiful. With you, I am myself.

Thank you.