Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A couple weeks back I sat on my phone and busted its LCD or something and its display was totally shot. Saw a few pretty sights and though I could not see what my 2MP phone cam was capturing, I aimed and shot anyway. Here are some of those blind shots. A picture, some say, is supposed to say a thousand words. For those of us who don't know an SLR from a "Deegeetal cam'ra, cheeep cheeep" hawked on a train, and who completely lack artistic vision, our pictures need the shooter to speak for them. So here goes-

After a night of hurling itself against a tubelight, this moth landed on my sister's wall and refused to move. And she decided to jazz it up by painting nail polish streaks of 'passion pink' and 'silver nights' and glittery 'deep purple' on its wings. They became so heavy the moth could no longer fly, so it fluttered thickly and died. Its corpse was soon surrounded by an army of scavenger ants busily wondering how best to divvy up the shares and transfer this prime booty. The decision was left out of their hands as my sister swept them all up, moth corpse and hungry ants all.

This one was taken after a day of relentless drizzling. In the evening, a watery sun emerged and was soon engulfed by fat lazy clouds. They battled it out and the sun stubbornly sent out its rays through gaps in the clouds. I wish I could have done justice to what emerged- rays of sunlight majestically beamed through cloud covers, as Reiek Tlang in the background stood a silent spectator to this battle of elemental wills. 

And finally, this-
I dont care that the picture's of really poor quality. This one is my fave. For years I've wished on that star (or planet, whatever), silently chanting "Star light, star bright etc". And though wishes don't always come true, I still love that single star in the sky. Especially this- captured on the same evening as the pic above. The heavens braced itself for one more night of deluge and this star chose that moment of calm and storm to shine. That night it disappeared along with all the other celestial objects but boy- did it seize its opportunity. That night it stormed- a lot.

And I, a mere speck in infinity, could only gawk as nature unleashed a tiny part of its fury. "How great thou art".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

weak blood

Once again my blood failed to make the cut. Low HB count. My grandma is battling cancer and she needs blood transfusions. Way back in March, on my Birthday, I tried to give her my blood but I was rejected back then too. And prior to that there has been numerous rejections because I was either underweight, or I had low BP or HB count.

I have a healthy appetite, Im generally healthy, I'm well-rested, I'm pretty fit. So why is my blood unfit for everyone else? My blood type is described as a "universal donor", but apparently there are strings attached that I'm unable to swing to. Anyone out there knows how to increase one's HB count?