Thursday, February 11, 2010


are we scary?

thats me n my research mates.

a comment we come across occasionally when we mention that we're lit. students is:
"ohh, so u're one of those man-hating feminists, huh?"

one time, i and one of my frens boarded the crowded univ bus, n this guy we dont even know starts saying, "you lit. girls believe in equality of the sexes, so we wont give up our seats for you". scary 'us' were too scared to comment and resigned ourselves to standing for the whole 30 minutes or so bumpy ride. and when we kept quiet, jerk guy called us 'stuck-up' ('inla mai2). fortunately, guys like these are the exception, and two sweet guys gave us their seats. and of course, we reciprocated nicely with big smiles n thank yous and carried their bags n books for them. and it didnt hurt either when we learnt later that jerk guy had gotten two back papers in his last exam :))

when my sister reveals that she's a psychology major, she's given this wary look and is either asked "what am i thinking now?' or "what does my dream mean?". then they call her scary because she can 'read minds' and 'no one would be able to lie to her'.

something i've noticed is, for a majority of the guys out there, a woman's desirability is inversely proportional to the amount of education that she gets. many guys actually admit to being SCARED of a well-educated woman. and its worse when you're an English lit student. we get tagged with radical feminism, and on top of that, they tell me that more than half of the women who teach English end up as 'strict' spinsters or 'bitter' divorcees. well, i want to teach English lit, so according to this theory, i have a good chance of ending up 'strict' or 'bitter'...and alone!

a 'wise woman', according to most people, is one who manages to manipulate a man into following her orders while managing to appear coy and submissive. i dont know, this reminds me of that poem about the spider and the fly....i dont think i can respect a man i can manipulate. i'd rather ask politely for what i want, and if that makes me a feminist, then so be it.

ok, ive now vented alll my spleen and hopefully, can now concentrate on my paper. and if it gets accepted and i get my degree... well, here's to scaring a few more guys :)


Mimihrahsel said...

haha, my dear.. You have so much in your head. Va update nasha ve :-) good good. And seriously, You being "strict" and "bitter"? LOL.. Prove them wrong!

Lucy In The Sky said...

Glad I'm never going to teach English :)

Anyways, guys like those are prolly insecure about their manhood and feel threatened of their
self proclaimed status as superior of the sexes. Your sister, as a Psychology major, should know :)

Keichala said...

'many guys actually admit to being SCARED of a well-educated woman'

I PREFER well-educated woman. Who else wouldn't?:-)

ku2 said...

@mims... the product of a lazy mind..luangliam turu.
@Lucy: u that scared to be single? :p the male ego, sigh..
@keichala: a well-educated woman, maybe, but could u handle it if she's smarter than u?