Friday, July 30, 2010


I wish old age would find you  infirm perhaps, but unalone and unafraid
I wonder what

What makes a person special?

I am a little teapot round and stout blah

There's this line from that movie Casablanca. I havent actually seen the movie but its supposed to be really romantic or something. Anyway, there's a line that goes- "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine". I don't know why that line popped into my head. Anyway, it made me think of serendipity, fate, destiny, kismet, khuanu ruat, what have you.

I once heard someone say that life is like a deck of cards. The cards you're dealt stands for Destiny. The way you play those cards signifies Free Will. But those cards youre dealt with pretty much determines the way the game is played, right?

Its often hard to pin-point the exact moment when a life-changing moment occurs. In hindsight, maybe, its easy to say "That was it", but at the time, we usually are oblivious to what is happening. As it is with, say the people we fall in love with. Some search for the one only to find that the one is someone they've known all their lives- a neighbour, a friend you never saw in that way, the guy in the corner shop who was always so nice, the big brother substitute who bought you ice creams, etc. Or it could be the classic someone on a foreign trip, or the stranger in the train. 

Life places people in your life and while its entirely your choice to make of them what you will, its often the little things that make a difference. A trip taken, a minute's wait, a last cup of coffee, a road turning taken. And these minuscule things change our life around in ways we cannot imagine; brings people into our lives we might never have met otherwise.

Anyway, to get back to Casablanca, Rick and Ilse, despite Ilse's serendipitious wandering into Rick's gin joint, never did get together. So maybe they were never fated to be, or they chose not to be fated to be. Yeap, this is an illogical post yet again.

Here's looking at you, kid.


Laldin said...

I like to believe that there is one person for each of us...But as i get older (not that much wiser,though!) i think of the many people who are single all their lives..Is it that there is one person for them too but they chose to ignore them? or am i just a hopeless "romantic"?

illusionaire said...

hehehe... one of my fav classic lines. This and Gone with the Wind's "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

Do you know that this line "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine" is one of the most spoofed lines in movies and serials? There are so many versions of it, and some are truly hilarious.

You haven't seen Casablanca till now????? Dayyyyyymmmm!!!!

jay-me said...

I guess these days we both are haunted by the mysteries/marvels encircling love /romance eh? I believe fate does decide our destiny but like you've said, it doesn't exactly give us road maps to the crucial end and therefore, not to be lost in between, it permits us to use our own free will and as guides, it supplies chances and coincidences....I in express thiam bik bllleeeehhh.

ku2 said...

@Laldin: I too would like to believe in there being one for each. I find the "one-woman man" and "the great love of one's life" very romantic. Still, there are those who find great loves more than once, and those never do. I guess it all depends on the person concerned, on their willingness to let people into their lives and hearts.
Bleh, ka van luangliam :D

@Illz: One of the most misquoted lines there. Rhett never used the word "Frankly". Well, at least in the novel, he didnt, I dont know about the movie because, guess what, i havent watched "Gone with the wind" either :((
Umm...Spoof: Of all the heads in all the towns in all the world, that pigeon had to.." Oh yeah, I get it :D

ku2 said...

@Jay-jay: Amiiiii? Thank you gurrlll :)
I don't agree with you though. Im not sure if this is well-articulated enough. It gives the hint of a center but doesnt quite reach there.
And lurvvvee! Hah! After this I think I will be love-done and revert to writing about non-amor subjects. Lawd knows, Im not that qualified enough to give a treatise on the subject of Lurve anyway :(