Friday, June 18, 2010


The German Wall is breached
My Panzer-men
Fell like toy soldiers...

Under that pitiless African sky
My heart was ground into the dust
My dreams butchered by an arschloch ref.

Please, please..
Tread softly,
For you tread on my dreams.

There. You guys have me writing scheiss poetry and plagiarizing too in the bargain. I hope Ghana loses tomorrow night, or at least get a draw against the Aussies. And that the indomitable Germans recover at the next match against the Ghanians.
And the matador's chances are dodgy too. AArgh!! 
This is one sucky WC! 


jay-me said...

there there dont blow ur cool dear it was just 1 boo2 they'll beat the aussies n then u can beat ur chest n shout vuvuzelaaahhh! oh! almost 4gt..glory glory England God save the kings! The bet is on yeeahh!

Calliopia said...


Mos-a said...

@jay-me (ka hre chuang lo che mahse i comment kan reply ve lawks) - news en ve thrin rawh. Germany leh Australia an intum tawh.:D

Kuckoo - ref khan yellow card chu ui lo khawp mai, ka khawngaih khawp mai che u han ti dawn ila ka ti thei lo.. a van nuam em Germany chak lo hi chu.

Germany in Ghana an hneh loh chuan.. Auf wiedersehen to der Germaners ni mai. Argentina tan hmun lo kian rawh uuuuu.

ku2 said...

@jay-me: the bet is still on... we're not licked yet. Ka rawn sawi tur khu, khulai pa khuan min sawi khalh daih zui.
one boo2 hurts me this much..can you imagine how I'll be if they are actually ousted?

@Calliopia: thank youuu..

@Mosha: hey, ka thriannu tikhan lo ti suh.
Ref kha chu commentator pawh khan la liga ah match 17 ah 11 red cards a phawrh an tih kha. Sual hleee..

Eveline said...

"Fear the Almighty German Bitchslap"
I think pretty much everyone does.
Not a huge football fan but I'm rooting for the Germans!

jay-me said...

@mos sob2 dam deuh hlekin o hmeichhe om nem th dan i thiam lo was a typing+naituah error, ger vrs. aus cu k en ve thaaauu ghana 23rd june k thna ni thei ngem? @ku2thanx 4 da support dearie

ku2 said...

@Eve: Yayyy!! At last..someone on my team :D I was feeling pretty bruised one to commiserate with :(

@Jay-me: Hets. Don't take it so bad. It was a perfectly natural mistake and Mosa could and should have pointed it out in a gentler way. Mai2.
Ghana- Aus, 1-1. Am happy with the results, mahse Ghana kha ka khawngaih.That bleeding guy at the end, and so many yellows :(

Mos-a said...

@James-i : Ka tihpalh. Ka lo tawng hlawk deuh ani. Engpawhnise Ghana in Australia chu an hneh ta chuang lova mahse lo hneh phei seng chuan German tan khan a pawi zawk dawn a.. aleh.

@Veni - he pic hi en la -

nuih za ve tho ang.

ku2 said...

Oyyy Gaikwad!!!!..... further comments necessary.

mesjay said...

Hehe, i'm a rare individual not watching the games!!

ku2 said...

Pi Mesjay, You have far far better sights to see where you are right now. I envy you :(

Lucy In The Sky said...

Kei chu ka pawl te an tla tawh Kuku. Ka baang.

Portugal hi ka tran a mahse Germany nen an intum dawn. Saaala.

ku2 said...

Lal lucy england i tran elo? Nge france? nge italy? England nihloh chuan ka pawm, hihih...
Germany tralalalala... portugal nen a? engtikah?