Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A year auld.

Once upon a time, a year back, boredom and narcissism met. They circled each other laconically and decided to spawn a blog together. So they came together and spawned the spawn. And so was born a blogger who claims that she is a "Goddess, slave and everything in between". Mmmphrphghh. Named Doppelganger   Pachuau.

The first unsteady step was a hopeful yet apologetic little piece in which were written a list of things to do before 30. It goes:

1. write a bestseller.
2. be an accomplished flirt.
3. learn to drive and swim
4. learn salsa or tango
5. bungee jump n para sail.
6. backpack across India.
7. fall madly in love
8. learn to play at least one musical instrument.
9. charity, charity, charity.

Narcissism's genes proved to be stronger than Laziness'. So Dopey wrote. A lot. Trapped in the ego-gratifying cycle of believing that her thoughts were worth recording for posterity and actually having a few kind souls who respond to her ramblings, the Dopester wrote. And wrote. And had quite a fun time doing so. 

Completely oblivious by now to the fact that it would serve her a lot better if she had worked on getting her list done rather than writing about it, Gangy plonked herself in front of her computer, Radiohead softly wailing "Im a creep, Im a weirdo" in the background. 

A year old and what has she done?
1. Bestseller murdered before conception.
2. Charm has died of old age.
3. Driving and swimming skills defunct. 
4. Dancing skills butchered and hacked to death.
5. Occasionally jumps on stairs and sails uncoordinatedly over them, leading to raspberry coloured bruises made by impact of disastrous landing.
6. Backpacks are no longer in fashion anyway.
7. Still stands. Irrevocably. 
8. Air guitars and air drums now count as musical instruments.
9. Siiiiggghhhs.

 Changes track to Third Eye Blind's "Losing a whole year". 


illusionaire said...

Haha. Welcome to the club of "When the heck did I ever say I was gonna do that? Dayyymmm."

It still feels like yesterday when I promised on my blog that I will go to gym regularly. And now a year has passed and how many times did I actually go to this freakingly expensive gym? Five! A sheer waste of money. With the money, I could have fulfilled your point no.9 instead. Lesson learnt. No more empty promises.

Mos-a said...

Vanlakima hi chu kan tluk thei lo nih hi. A lo awm leh kur tawh.

1. I thil ziah te hi print tir duh lang chuan bestseller chu i neih theih mai ka ring.

2. ka hre ve lo.

3. you drive young handsome men quicker into old age.

4. ka hre lo

5. hre lo leh zel

6. i tum peih reng reng e. i mawl emai.

7. hei pawh hrelo

8. khuang vuak kha i zir nilawmni?

9. i unaute leh nu leh pate i hmangaih pawh hi charity chi khat ani tawh tunang hunlai ah cuan :D


ku2 said...

@Illu: Now I feel like deleting that post. Still, its rather great to have some sort of bucket list, if only to have something to keep you going. Lesson learnt: Keep promises secret :D

@Mosa: Amiiiii?
1. Min ngaisang
2. Ami?
3. Min ngaisang leh tawh.
4. Amii?
5. Amiii?
6. Dei.
7. Amiiii?
8. Aih.
9. Charity begins at home zulzuiin maw?

Mos-a said...

chimawm reuh phian aaa. ka brog ka update ve tawh sin!


Alejendro said...

Hope to fulfill your point No. 9 by the end of this year. I stopped smoking and raise the money instead. I'll give all the money for Charity by the end of this year, prolly on Christmas :-)

I call it Cigarette Funding Foundation. :-P I even plan to run a blog with that name (Haven't make any post though :-( ) If you know anyone who is interested in joining, they are more than welcome. Till now I do it all by myself and never revealed to anyone. This would be the first time.

Writing a bestseller is my undying dream (I even started working on it.) With a lil' bit of Shakespearean touch :-D

Anonymous said...

Making promises and not fulfilling them are just part of being human.. (or so I try to console myself!)
My single attempt at quitting cigs lasted for exactly a week. But then, I guess the failed goals we set for ourselves makes us who we are, makes us better human-beings (or so I want to believe!) :)

ku2 said...

@Mosa: Shameless! If you're gonna advertise your blog here, pay me my fees!

@Alej: I va titha ve! Recently I cut down on smoking, and to celebrate that, I put in a little extra in my KTP Thawhlawm Ip. You keep on doing what you're doing. Everyone wins!

@Black: I so can relate to the failed quitting attempts. With smoking, failure is a stepping stone to more health problems :(

kaustubh Deka said...

now this is as they say , "human, all very human"

You know I have this diary cum notebook of few years oldand which for some reason or the other I keep coming across.. Now this has become glaring testimony to the promises not kept, initiative promised but kept pending...

But to think of it..with passing time and flow of time we become and unbecome..meanings of words changes, doesn't it?....what we thought once as 'dream' and 'glory' and 'fun' retrospect, at times we find new meanings into them....every life is a story "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story" :)

So, even if you feel like you have not kept those sacred vows :), think again..maybe you ways life offered always does..

Jerusha said...

Loled at 'Charm has died of old age' So funny how you seem to grow increasingly grouchy with age. As for the bestseller, you have plenty of time left. And if you wrote a book, I would def buy it. And I've also been promising myself every year that i'll laern how to swim and drive. This year I'm really serious, I signed up for both driving and swimming lessons. My closet is full of swimming apparel right down to swimming caps and goggles :)

Jerusha said...

* I should add that I have not even dipped a toe in the pool yet, and my hands haven't even touched a steering wheel as

The Piper said...

must say I enjoyed this piece thoroughly.Very well written and easy to identify with short "the story of my life".
Whats more interestin is "creep",which just so happens to be my favorite song (fact is i used to chat as "creep" back in the ol' days...not very flatterin i know) and the "heartbreak warfare" logo on ya's the DP on my comp.An unusually nice coincidence indeed !! just gained a follower (or just lost a lill' self esteem either ways... I will be readin up on ya soon)