Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oktober again.

In another part of town, a friend gives birth to a healthy 3.850 kgs baby boy after a long, hard labour, and she comes online immediately when she is able to say, "It hurrrrttts, but my baby looks just like meeee".

In another, a friend mourns the loss of a father with whom she had had many clashes with, but whom she now realizes had the strength to never try to impose his will on her.

In another, old friends I have lost touch with got married; in another, family members learn how to cope with parenthood.

In another, old friends talk about paranormal events in their locality; in another, loved ones try to reconnect with loved ones, wondering why, like that song says, love sometimes just ain't enough.

 Its that time of the year again- my October- lingering breath of summer, beckoning glance from winter.

Of course the paranormal,or more accurately, the supernatural exists.
How else do you explain the pain that a young mother endures to bring new life into this world? And the bond that is formed when she sees that being which grew inside her for nine months. The clasp of her trembling husband's hand inside hers as she learns to breastfeed her newborn.

How else would you explain the lingering presence of someone who is irretrievably lost? How else do you find in you a deep well of love for someone who, in life, you thought had been your biggest opponent? How else would you explain that sudden knowledge of being loved, masquerading sometimes as a stifling protectiveness that inhibits you? How else would you explain the human ability to move on despite having your heart shattered?

How else, despite the statistics and the stories, would young lovers find the courage to go forth, to commit to making the same mistakes that countless others have made, to willingly go through the same trials and tribulations that others have gone through, all for the sake of love? How else would you explain that willingness to risk it all and believe that you can surmount all of that despite everything?

How else would you explain the illogical amongst all the logic in the world? How else would you explain what goes on inside the mind of someone who is willing to bare her most shameful, deepest darkest self to someone in the hopes that he would understand? And how else would you explain the fact that he does understand? And still keep on loving through it all?

Its October once again.
And hope springs once again that love can be enough.


daniel said...

Nice post.

Stanley Workman said...

There is one woman's' vagina which is shaped exactly like a negative to each mans penis. This phenomena is the Breed-Doppelganger.