Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hey there November

Thank you for the very facebook-statusable November rain. Sorry I didn't oblige, though. With the status, I mean.

Thank you for the sludge and wet and fog and cold and a day that called for staying in and sleeping in. Couldn't oblige there again, sadly.

Thank you for another thing that I want to never think about again.

Spent the night at a girlfriend's place. We talked about theory and the power of the word- whether written or spoken. I umm-ed and niaa-ed like I understood but all the while, it was words of an entirely un-theoritical kind that I thought about.

"Atirin thu a awm a.."

Words in the beginning, somewhere in the middle and still some more towards the end. Words that you claim reveal too much when spoken, and condemn too much when unspoken.

I now have none left.
I can't think.
I'm going to go watch a Hitler movie.


Calliopia said...

Hey hey, watch it, that's my birth month you're sounding off on!

ku2 said...

November is a meanie!

Anonymous said...

and you say you are not a poet?........

Anonymous said...

OMG.... it rhymes!

ku2 said...

@ruolngulworld: still saying it, yes!

@anon: uh..where?